Mmamantswe Power Project

  • The Mmamantswe coal project is only 20km from the border and is close to the regional power transmission grid and planned transmission expansions into South Africa 
  • The Mmamantswe project has secured environmental approvals for up to 10Mtpa of coal mining and up to 2,000MW of power generation
  • The Mmamantswe project is thus very well placed to participate in the 3,750MW cross-border procurement programme announced by South Africa in April 2016
  • African Energy has executed a binding Agreement to sell Mmamantswe to TM Consulting, a South African developer for USD $20M if the developer successfully negotiates a power purchase agreement with South Africa’s Department of Energy, and the project reaches financial close
  • Under this agreement, TM Consulting is responsible for sole funding all work required to prepare and submit a proposal to the South African IPP procurement programme, thereby relieving African Energy of any further financial commitments to this project.